Suggest the best G Suite Migration Tool for Windows?


I want to transfer emails from G Suite to another G Suite account. Kindly share me the best application for that.

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  1. Check out Advik G Suite Migration tool, this software has been designed for G Suite users. So that they can transfer G Suite emails to another G Suite account, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc. During email migration the software maintains the key elements and meta properties as well.

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    To back up the G Suite mailbox without any data loss, use the most recommended solution, which is the Email Backup Wizard. It is one of the most trusted solutions that provides a complete migration from one G Suite account to another. It does not matter which Windows platform you are using.  The Tool is compatible with all the editions of Windows.

  3. I would like to suggest Kernel IMAP to Office 365 migration software, which can easily migrate G Suite data to Office 365 mailboxes. Try it:

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