How to migrate from Rackspace to Gmail account?


I want to export Rackspace Emails to Gmail account. Kindly suggest me the easiest way for Rackspace to Gmail migration.

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  1. Check out Advik Rackspace Email Backup Tool for windows. This software is specially designed to migrate emails from Rackspace to Gmail account directly. Yes, no need to go fro lengthy configuration. The tool is very user friendly and can be be accessible by all kinds of users.

    Steps to migrate from Rackspace to Gmail account;

    1. Run Advik Rackspace Email Backup Tool in your system.
    2. Enter Rackspace login credentials and click Next
    3. Select mailbox folders and click Next
    4. Choose Gmail as Saving option from the list.
    5. Enter Gmail login credentials and click Convert

    Done! This is how you can transfer Rackspace mailbox to Gmail account.

    Download Now :

  2. Download Cloud Migration Tool that migrates to your Rackspace account data into the Gmail account. This software is effective, fast to move your complete data without any loss information.  With the help of this application, you can filter to your data conversion without any hassle.

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