How to import MBOX to GoDaddy Email Account?


I recently received the MBOX file and want to access those emails in my GoDaddy email account. Please suggest to me the best workable solution to import MBOX to GoDaddy Email account

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  1. You can efficiently and securely import  MBOX to GoDaddy Email account using Advik MBOX Converter. Using this tool users can perform the conversion process with complete mailbox data.

    To do the conversion,  follow the  steps in a given manner;

    Step 1. Install this tool in your Windows OS.

    Step 2. Click on Select File or Folder to add MBOX file.

    Step 3. Choose the saving option as a GoDaddy mail account.

    Step 4. At last, browse the saving location and click on the Convert button.

    Here complete the process. You can use the demo version of this tool and try it yourself.

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