How to Import Bulk vCard contacts in Outlook format?


I am using the latest edition of Microsoft Outlook 2013. I believed that it will definitely help to import 1500 vCards contacts into Outlook 2013, all at once, but it is not supported to be possible because, still, Outlook 2013 has not improved in this direction. Any hope for me rather than exporting or importing contacts one by one???

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  1. When a user needs to use their Outlook contacts on their mobile devices, it becomes necessary to export Outlook contacts to vCard using a safe solution so that your contacts will remains safe. Similarly, contacts from smartphones in VCF format need to access in Outlook, use Import vCard to Outlook Software which is a quick solution.

    More Info:- Import vCard to Outlook Software

  2. Hi, to import vCard contacts into outlook

    You can use PCVITA vCard importer tool that provides the following advanced features:

    It imports the contact files in multiple numbers in a single attempt.
    The tool provides an easy to use interface for naive users.
    It allows you to save the contact file in an already existing Outlook PST contact file or permits you to create a new one.
    Other than this, you can directly import the contact file into the MS Outlook default profile.
    Unlike the manual method, this software automatically matches/maps all of the contact fields.
    Supports vCard files from various platforms such as Skype, Android, G Suite, Outlook, Webmails, iCloud, etc.
    It is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook & Windows OS.
    Generates an export report in the end that contains the details of the entire process.
    Also, this software maintains data integrity and the folder hierarchy during the conversion process.

  3. WholeClear VCF to PST Converter is a convenient tool that imports the bulk vCard files into Outlook and there are no limitations of size. You can create a separate new PST file or add an existing file. It also converts single as well as multiple VCF files. This software will support all the latest versions of Outlook and Windows OS.

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