How to export Gmail emails to EML files in Bulk?


I want to export Gmail to EML files in batch. Kindly share me the best method.

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  1. Check Out Gmail Takeout Export software, this application is specially designed for Gmail users. You can export emails from Gmail to EML files in bulk without facing any error.

    Steps to export Gmail to EML in Bulk;

    1. Run Gmail Takeout Export in your system.
    2. Enter Gmail login credentials.
    3. Select mailbox folders and click next.
    4. Choose “EML” as saving option from the list and click Convert.

    Done! This is how you can convert Gmail emails to EML files without losing attachments.

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    There is NO NEED for PAID tools..!!

    A simple and free manual solution does exist. Just follow my instructions:

    1. Open the message in Gmail

    2. Click the ‘3 dots’ option on the right side of Reply arrow.

    3. A dropdown list will appear. Select Show Original from the menu

    4. Right click on Download Original link & choose Save link as option

    5. Select All files from Save as type tab and add .eml to the end of file name.

    6. Save it at any location. That’s it..!!

    For screenshots, visit:

    IF & ONLY IF you are in a hurry and cannot afford to waste time, then go for third-party solutions. Personally, I will recommend watching this video:

    It is easy to use, the whole working is shown and the results are accurate and fast.

    Hope it helps,

    Stephen Renald

  3. You can download all your emails data from Gmail to EML quickly and safely. If you are using Mac system then there is a software which can help you in successfully exporting the emails data from Gmail mailbox to EML file format in few clicks you can try the Mac Gmail Backup tool for downloading the data from Gmail account and save them as the EML file in you Mac local drive in few steps. To know more you can visit here:-

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