How to download Yandex Mail Backup?


I want to download Yandex Mail Backup to my pc. Kindly suggest any reliable solution.

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  1. Download Advik Yandex Backup Software. This tool will import complete Yandex backup to pc in most secure way. The software is quite handy and comprehensive which can be access or operated with any user. Advik Yandex Backup Software allows you to import Yandex to Gmail, Yandex to Office 365, Yandex to Windows Live Mail, Yandex to G Suite, Yandex to Outlook, Yandex to Lotus Notes, Yandex to ZImbra etc.

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  2. Yandex Backup tool to download Yandex mail export complete mailbox data saved in Yandex Mail account. It is an tool which permits you to set filter and export particular email from Yandex Mail Account, without any size limitation.

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